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Headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, The Masiello Group is a Better Homes and Gardens real estate company with more than 30 locations throughout New England. The Masiello Group, which is celebrating 50 years of business, has become known as the region’s leader in all areas related to the buying and selling of real estate by establishing a great reputation with services and relationships that bring ease, value and comfort to each customer’s real estate experience.

  • Industry Focus: Real Estate
  • Location(s): Keene, NH
  • Cygnus and Windstream Solution(s):
    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS),
    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS),
    Data Center Solutions, & Cloud Services
  • Web Site:

The Challenge

Seamless connectivity within budget

With such a large footprint—five hours of drive time from end to end—The Masiello Group had a mission to streamline their communications on a single, unified platform. The company had previously used different service providers and solutions in each of their offices without any continuity in service. This created challenges not only for employees, but also for the overworked IT staff tasked with managing each office’s needs without the luxury of always being on location. With rapid expansion on the horizon, it was clear The Masiello Group required a solution that could change and grow as quickly as the company.
They were seeking standardization of their telephony platform at all locations with support from one service provider.

““We wanted a technology solution that could improve communication with our agents and, most importantly, with our customers. Windstream had the answer.”

Chris Masiello

President & CEO, The Masiello Group

“The nature of our business requires that our employees be constantly connected and easily reachable by clients. We needed the capability to transition from the office environment to the field without interruption,” said Chris Masiello, president and CEO of The Masiello Group. “We wanted a technology solution that could improve communication with our agents and, most importantly, with our customers. Windstream had the answer.”

The Solution

“The Masiello Group has seen tremendous growth over the years, and technology plays a large role in that growth,” said Masiello. “To meet our goals for future expansion, we needed to empower our agents with advanced communication capabilities to best serve our customers. From the very beginning, Windstream listened to our needs and was able to develop a solution that helped us achieve our goals and gain that competitive advantage.”

Windstream provided The Masiello Group with a customized Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution with ample bandwidth feeding the company’s main office and a network of more than 30 locations. With Windstream UCaaS, The Masiello Group was able to unify all of their communications with a robust solution that integrated their voice, multimedia, unified messaging, presence management, mobility and other services onto a single unified platform in the cloud. And, with many of their employees on the road, UCaaS features such as advanced mobility and video allow them to connect with customers and coworkers just as they would in a physical office.

As part of The Masiello Group’s UCaaS solution, Windstream also implemented a robust Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, fiber-based Ethernet, data center services and managed network services to streamline communications across the company’s vast footprint. This high-bandwidth network provides connections with the Quality of Service (QoS) required to connect the UCaaS cloud applications and multiple locations.

“With Windstream’s Winnign Team present at our planning tbale, The Masiello Group is confident we can support future organizational growth with ease.”

Chris Masiello

President and CEO, The Masiello Group

Windstream’s cloud-based UCaaS solution has unique features that are ideal for an educational setting.The solution is designed to keep pace with changing technologies, providing the ability to acquire new technology and deliver on-demand UC resources and applications to students and teachers. UCaaS is also a scalable, flexible solution, which is ideal for schools districts like KCS that are experiencing consistent growth.

The Solution

With Windstream as a partner, The Masiello Group has gained a competitive advantage in their market with robust communications solutions that meet their needs and beyond. The Masiello Group now has the capability to provide the latest tools to their employees to help them increase productivity and efficiency.

The Masiello Group’s overworked IT department can now focus on the company’s daily needs and future growth without worrying about connectivity. The company’s many offices are no longer constrained by geography and varying providers—they now operate as one interconnected business. Because Windstream’s solutions are customized and scalable, as the company continues to grow, Windstream can seamlessly expand the solutions with them.

“With Windstream’s Winning Team present at our planning table, The Masiello Group is confident we can support future organizational growth with ease,” Masiello said.

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